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If You Are Moving To Texas, Check Out the Best Schools for the Deaf

Finding the best school to fit a disabled child’s needs can be an extremely challenging process. Add in moving to a new city or state, and it can really compound the challenge. Most parents will go above and beyond to ensure their special needs child acquires a quality education, and for those making a move to the state of Texas, we’ve got you covered. If you’re trying to find the best education for your deaf child, check out some of the best schools for the deaf in Texas:

The Texas School for the Deaf

This residential school in Austin offers a well-rounded curriculum for the deaf, with quality communication and language programs for grades pre-K through 12. It also accommodates students with other disabilities as well. The institution’s organizational structure and policies cater to the particular needs of each child, and the program integrates technology to equip children with decision-making and critical thinking skills. While most students live on campus, there are also programs available for non-residents as well.


Many schools in Texas cater specifically to hearing impaired children.
Many schools in Texas cater specifically to hearing impaired children.


The Hearing School of the Southwest

A non-profit school in Coppell, Texas, The Hearing School of the Southwest takes in children with hearing aids and cochlear implants to develop their listening and communication skills. The school enrolls children from infancy through kindergarten and offers a flexible needs-based pricing policy. While the curriculum is tailored to best suit each child’s needs, speech pathology and audiological support are among the primary services offered. One of the best parts of this school is that the student-to-teacher ratio is three-to-one, giving the staff more time to focus on the individual needs of each child.

The Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children

The Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children is located in San Antonio, Texas and offers a day school for children from preschool through 5th grade. The school’s auditory programs, which are taught by masters-level educators, focus on assisting children with developing speech, listening, and language skills that will serve them well in the hearing world. The Sunshine Cottage incorporates outdoor learning to enhance team building and strengthen skills like balance. The school also offers professional and medical resources that can provide your child with quality health assistance. Furthermore, the school creates awareness of and advocates education for early hearing loss through its infant programs.


Outdoor learning is a great way to teach children balance.
Outdoor learning is a great way to teach children balance.


The Jean Massieu Academy

This institution was initially designed to specifically educate hearing impaired children, but later allowed students without disabilities to enroll. Learning programs at this Arlington school include individual plans, modern technology-based techniques, and group projects. A small classroom setting and online sessions are provided to allow students to learn at their own pace, with each child guaranteed equal treatment. All teachers are proficient in American Sign Language, and classroom conditions are ideal if for those who desire for their hearing impaired child to interact with other students who can hear.


Texas offers the above and many other options for hearing impaired students, which is great news if your family is planning to relocate here. Thanks to the one of Texas’ oldest movers, providing reliable, quality moving services since 1991 Texas-based moving company for partnering with us for this post. If you are looking for help with your upcoming local or long distance move, don’t hesitate to give them a call.


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