About Us

Of the estimated 4 million people in the United States who are deaf or hard of hearing, nearly 10% of those live in the state of Texas. While the exact number isn’t known, the latest Census models show that over 350,000 Texas residents are somewhere on the deaf spectrum, a close 2nd to the state of California.

While the large number of deaf residing in Texas is high primarily due to the state’s overall booming population, it’s also high because the state is an attractive place for the deaf community. In fact, the capital of Austin was ranked on the Deaf 411 list of most deaf-friendly cities in the U.S. Austin achieved this ranking thanks to its deaf residential school, Texas School for the Deaf, its deaf recreational events, the abundance of interpreters, city resources for the deaf, and the overall sensitivity of the community to deaf needs. Overall, Texas is warm and welcoming state, whether you’re deaf or hearing.

Deaf Texas serves as an online gathering place for Texas’ deaf community. Whether you were born deaf or lost your hearing over time, are completely deaf or just hard of hearing, this site was designed with you in mind! Here you can learn about various deaf resources, accessibility programs, and deaf-centric events and clubs in your area.